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How to Donate to Wally's

Our goal is to accept donations from private individuals with cars that still have some life left in them. It will give a really good tax credit to those who donate and perhaps more importantly, provide FREE transportation to a family in need! Our shop donates all of the work to bring the car up to a level where we feel comfortable gifting it. Usually that's around $1,000.

If you have a car that you would like to donate the law states that if you donate it and it's sold for scrap or junk you're only allowed $250 or $500 of whatever the car sold for. 30% of that can be given as your tax credit. Any car that's donated to Wally's Wholesale should have a solid foundation regardless of the miles. If we can get the vehicle inspected and ensure its fitness, we will cover any work that will need to be done for a year. Often this 35% tax credit is more than what you would receive as cash on a trade in. Please consider us the next time you have a car in decent condition that you would like to pass on.