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Wally’s Wholesale - Your Local Community Dealer
Wally's Wholesale has proudly served the Goochland community for over 30 years. Here, we strive to be a step above the norm and treat our customers like our neighbors. We work closely with everyone who walks on our lot to find them the perfect vehicle, or make selling their vehicle an easy and enjoyable experience. Even if you don’t end up doing business with us, we’re happy to walk you through the buying or selling process, share what we’ve learned in our 30 years of doing business, and help you avoid common mistakes.
Of course, we do offer a number of great incentives to buy from or sell to us. We work with local credit unions and offer in-house financing to guarantee financing for every customer at great rates, regardless of credit. We put every vehicle we own through a rigorous 85-point inspection, state inspection, and test drive them regularly, with the goal of ensuring that when we sell a car, it will be completely problem-free for years to come. We also encourage anyone interested in one of our vehicles to take it to their own mechanic for a full mechanic’s check - we’re confident it’ll not only pass, but it’ll be one of the highest quality vehicles on the market.
“If it’s not the best deal on the first day, it will be within the first year.”
Additionally, we pay more for locally owned vehicles, because we value working with our local community. We take the time to get to know everyone who walks in the door, as well as what they’re looking for or what they’re looking to sell. Because we know the history of the vehicle and the owner, we can pay more than “book value”: something you won’t find at other dealerships. In turn, this gives us greater confidence in the quality of our inventory, and allows us to pass the benefits of a regularly maintained vehicle from one owner to the next.
The community impact of selling your vehicle to Wally’s goes beyond that, though. With every local car or truck that we sell, we put 10% of the profit earned back into the community, in the form of cash donations, community cookouts, or vehicles donated to those in need. Here at Wally’s, we take pride in the quality of our inventory, our ability to help our customers, and most importantly, being a part of the Goochland community.
If you’re looking to buy or sell a used vehicle, or just want help with the process, think of Wally’s Wholesale first.
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